Our Cub packs are run by
Debbie ( Cub Leader) and Tony (Assistant Cub Leader)  and meet on 
Tuesdays (MILLER Pack) @ 6.30pm
 Wednesdays (MARINER Pack) @ 6.30pm


Debbie is the Cub Leader who runs both cub packs

Miller which meets on Tuesdays and
Mariner which meets on Wednesdays

Apart from a short time at Guides, Debbie started her Scouts journey as a parent helper when her son joined Beavers 8 years ago.

She became Assistant Leader Beavers in 2014 and a year later Beaver
Leader. Where she enjoyed helping Beavers settle in and eventually
move on to Cubs.

January 2020 saw Debbie take on a new challenge and become our Cub Leader where she hopes her skills will continue to help Cubs grow in confidence and enjoy new experiences. before finally going on to Scouts. 


Tony runs MILLER pack which meets on Tuesdays